The Quilt Stories Project…

Quilt Stories is about the lives of people memorialized by the AIDS Memorial Quilt. Founded in 1987, The Quilt is a poignant memorial, a powerful tool for use in preventing new HIV infections, and the largest ongoing community arts project in the world.

Each section of The AIDS Memorial Quilt measures approximately twelve feet square, and a typical block consists of eight individual three foot by six foot panels sewn together.

Virtually every one of the more than 40,000 colorful panels that make up the Quilt pays tribute to the life of a person lost to AIDS.

Quilt Stories in an ongoing project that showcases the stories behind those panels. With the cooperation and assistance of the NAMES Project, select graduate and undergraduate students in SCAD-Atlanta’s Writing program research, write, and produce these compelling audio stories.

Established in 1987, The NAMES Project Foundation is the custodian of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. The NAMES Project takes special care of the growing Quilt, and it organizes exhibits. Since 1987, over 14 million people have visited the Quilt at thousands of displays worldwide. Through such displays, the NAMES Project Foundation has raised over $3 million for AIDS service organizations throughout North America.

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